Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best places to quit smoking... or why Newyorkers should not attempt

Recently, while on Hawaiian vacation, I decide to stop smoking.
Want to see how does it feel -- been smoke free.
Works just fine and I discovered that even coffee smell different. For example Brazilian and Arabic have completely different aroma to my surprise. And whiskey is not the same as vodka, even do it manufacturing procedure almost the same. So, I did not smoke for almost 30 days or my entire vacation. And be amid ocean breeze and gorgeous woman did help :-), a lot actually.
Felt great and I assumed that as soon as I get back to New York I will continue with this none smoking routine.
You know what? New York sucks in all terms and under any sense of this word. Even while I was stepping down from jet I sensed that air is not the same as in Hawaii for some reason. At first I assumed that it is because a time difference and jet legs.
But by the next day – my first work day – I knew what is wrong. Subway stinks so horribly that I was forced to walk all the way from Brooklyn to NYC downtown. There were all those stinks from street vendor’s cages.
As a result I could not stand it. Here is first few reasons why new yorkers should not quit smoking:
1. Subways stench comes not from just underground rats and decay but from all those homeless people sleeping in the subway cars.Think about it. When MTA anti-rat commandos sprayed all over tunnels and stations special pesticides and rat poison where do you think vapors and small dust particles goes?
Keep in mind that those poisoned particles tends to accumulate in your body. And later you will ask where the hell did I got poisoned or got cancer...
2. Smell of garbage emanating all over this freaken city and mayor currently only worries about how to get more money out of city coffins before he take final walk out of City Hall.
3. Wind from Atlantic not as fresh as we force to believe. It smell has nothing to do with fresh breeze from ocean and more with stench of the garbage dumped over years into East River and Hudson.

Or we have another option –- do not go to vacation into areas where air is remain clean and wind from the ocean smell like a fresh salt water wind.

Do not stop or quit smoking unless you really want to know how New York smells.
But if you do quit smoking - move far-far away from New York…

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