Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hurray Mr. Mayor!

Do you understand what Bloomberg is doing recently?
First he is launching campaign to reduce speed limit to 20 mph in the city.
Ok, I know that it does not compile: how successful businessman can be that idiotically stupid.
Did he ever drive a car, I do not think so.
Most likely he always use limo and that is why he does not know that 99.99% of the cars in US (and that include NYC) adapted for running at speed 55+ mph.
What is happening at lower speed?
Exactly what Bloomberg said that he is working hard to avoid when he set anti-smoking rules in the city:
                      more polluted smoke comes out of the working engines into air. 

Car makers does acknowledge that most effective way to use cars is at high speed -over highways.
At lower speed in the city we have higher level of emissions and that is what Bloomberd doing.
Or maybe he does not care about poisoning people because he getting more money from gas stations and oil industry?
Can you answer this?
For me answer is clear: raise voice and tell him to resign from mayor position now, before it is too late. And if not — impeachment I think is the good legal option to.

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