Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another MTA fare hike on the horizon...

And again about MTA.
As you all aware MTA more or less recently increased the fare, by 25 cents:  quietly, without any discussion or public announcement.
But in last few weeks we again see same picture: slow trains, unexplained delays, especially during rush hours.
What is going on?
Be ready, we are about learn that fare hike on top of us again! How it will be done? Most likely same way, quietly and without any announcements or discussions. Chairman of MTA already making noise in Albany about shortage of funding and not getting enough from the city and state. I would like to know how agency servicing about 10 million people a day(income about $60 million a day!) can have shortage of funding.Not counting money from tunnels and bridges.
Is there IRS audit around to look at finances of that company? Where all those money goes to?
And 10 million is the lowest estimation of the number of people who uses MTA service in NYC every day.

All this make me thinking about financial responsibility.
Lets see.
I live and work in Brooklyn. Every week I am paying $5.5* 5=$27.5 just to get to work and back home.
However if I drive a car, Honda for example, with 45 mpg I would need about 3 gallons of gas per week!!!
In money amount, even with current price of the gas, it would be less than $11!!!
That is good incentive to switch from MTA subways to my own car. And if I get electric, I may even get some tax credits on top of the gas economy.

But from other hand I perfectly know that about 15% to 20% of oil production worldwide come from area controlled by IGIL(aka ISIS) which is well known terrorist organization. And money paid for that oil comes to support terrorism, right?
That would make anyone who pushes people to switch from public transportation to private cars - promoter, if not direct supporter, of terrorism.
But in this case we seen huge semi-private company, supported and controlled by NYS and Federal government doing all it can to push people away from public transportation.
And in terms it make me feel like MTA is the biggest supporter of terrorism in NY state!

p.s. one more thing. President of MTA making bit over $400.000 per year in salary alone plus bonuses.
I would like to know for what he is getting paid?

And bonuses for doing pretty bad job, don't you think this is ridiculous?

Monday, January 14, 2013

What is Acunetix?

Recently it comes to my attention that many so called "web security" experts issuing reports on web sites vulnerability using tools such as security scanner from Acunetix site. You can download and try it for free but how really usefull this tool is?
As I said earlier I am a web developer and working on that fields since 1996. Looks like I do have some expirience and would like to tell you: do not waste your money on that kind of tools.
I can create such a tools within 20 minutes and it will show unsuspected user scary picture of his website possible vulnerabilities. But how many of those scary things are real? Belive it or not but even developers of such tools have no clue. Best example is SQL injection vulnerability. Any web site which have database behind it is potentially vulnerable to it. 
And all scanning tools have show that. Small things which none considered is human factor behind it. For example none of sites developed by me was ever broken using SQL injection! 
There were vulnerabilities on IIS side but that is nothing your developers can do about. Only your network and sysadmin can keep up your systems up to date with Microsoft updates to protect system.

As a result what would I recommend to all web site users and future owners?
Better spend it on your IT team education and allocate resources on books and code reviews.
Establish company standards and do not let anyone - no matter how high or valuable this person for your company - compromise those standards.
That is your only protection against hackers and other type of  BS waste.
And keep in mind the old saying, but still true: the avaricious pays twice

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hurray Mr. Mayor!

Do you understand what Bloomberg is doing recently?
First he is launching campaign to reduce speed limit to 20 mph in the city.
Ok, I know that it does not compile: how successful businessman can be that idiotically stupid.
Did he ever drive a car, I do not think so.
Most likely he always use limo and that is why he does not know that 99.99% of the cars in US (and that include NYC) adapted for running at speed 55+ mph.
What is happening at lower speed?
Exactly what Bloomberg said that he is working hard to avoid when he set anti-smoking rules in the city:
                      more polluted smoke comes out of the working engines into air. 

Car makers does acknowledge that most effective way to use cars is at high speed -over highways.
At lower speed in the city we have higher level of emissions and that is what Bloomberd doing.
Or maybe he does not care about poisoning people because he getting more money from gas stations and oil industry?
Can you answer this?
For me answer is clear: raise voice and tell him to resign from mayor position now, before it is too late. And if not — impeachment I think is the good legal option to.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best places to quit smoking... or why Newyorkers should not attempt

Recently, while on Hawaiian vacation, I decide to stop smoking.
Want to see how does it feel -- been smoke free.
Works just fine and I discovered that even coffee smell different. For example Brazilian and Arabic have completely different aroma to my surprise. And whiskey is not the same as vodka, even do it manufacturing procedure almost the same. So, I did not smoke for almost 30 days or my entire vacation. And be amid ocean breeze and gorgeous woman did help :-), a lot actually.
Felt great and I assumed that as soon as I get back to New York I will continue with this none smoking routine.
You know what? New York sucks in all terms and under any sense of this word. Even while I was stepping down from jet I sensed that air is not the same as in Hawaii for some reason. At first I assumed that it is because a time difference and jet legs.
But by the next day – my first work day – I knew what is wrong. Subway stinks so horribly that I was forced to walk all the way from Brooklyn to NYC downtown. There were all those stinks from street vendor’s cages.
As a result I could not stand it. Here is first few reasons why new yorkers should not quit smoking:
1. Subways stench comes not from just underground rats and decay but from all those homeless people sleeping in the subway cars.Think about it. When MTA anti-rat commandos sprayed all over tunnels and stations special pesticides and rat poison where do you think vapors and small dust particles goes?
Keep in mind that those poisoned particles tends to accumulate in your body. And later you will ask where the hell did I got poisoned or got cancer...
2. Smell of garbage emanating all over this freaken city and mayor currently only worries about how to get more money out of city coffins before he take final walk out of City Hall.
3. Wind from Atlantic not as fresh as we force to believe. It smell has nothing to do with fresh breeze from ocean and more with stench of the garbage dumped over years into East River and Hudson.

Or we have another option –- do not go to vacation into areas where air is remain clean and wind from the ocean smell like a fresh salt water wind.

Do not stop or quit smoking unless you really want to know how New York smells.
But if you do quit smoking - move far-far away from New York…

Friday, June 15, 2012

How MTA will raise fare this time...

Ok boys and girls.
Do you know what season this is?
Yes you do, time to re-visit fare for subways. MTA already done with bridges and tunnels this year. Now it is our turn to shake pocketbooks.
How this raise will be performed.
Simple really.
Most of us already see overcrowded subway cars, unexplained delays at the rush hours, especially on the way back home.
In a few weeks MTA will announce that because of the shortage in their funds they will have to raise fares or face compete shut down of the system.
We all really know that it is not a shortage of funds the issue: it is their greed and financial irresponsibility.
How could the huge company runs year after year with budget deficit and all their management getting yearly/quarterly benefits?
Are we live in communist ruled country?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hoodia or do you have money to waste?

One of the primary arguments that this new weight lose supplements has been used by local African tribes to lower appetite for hundreds of years without any side affects at all.
You know what, fresh bamboo contained about 10 time more than any animal need to be killed of cyanide but for some reason panda consider bamboo as a main dish.
Does this means that you should try it as well?
I would not.
just think about it. Few years back tobacco was main trend in any movie or advertisement. And Indians use tobacco long before European discovered America without any ill affect for their (Indians) health.
Try to light cigarette somewhere in NYC park or in bus. If you lucky you will escape with slightly hurt ego, if not with summons for about $200 total addressed to a city packet...
Got it?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 dead or just to much to handle?

Hey as most of the developers I know about what use to be a great resource for answers and to share your knowledge
Pay attention: use to be.
There is apparently new rules there, if you ask a question and either nobody know answer or just nobody else searching how to resolve the same or similar problem you got banned to post your question or even create new profile. Does not matter how good your reputation was there before!!!
You can earn black mark for something which this site actually originally build and respected for.
For example my profile was banned just because I asked if anyone know how to resolve problem on Counterpoint. Not to many people does even knows what the hell Counterpoint is, so I did expect that those who does can help me in something what used to be a collection of best computer geeks in the world.
So be aware and do not ask questions there if you not sure that there is someone knows answer or at least have similar problem and searching for answers.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Do we even need a brain?

Cheerful American named Carlos Rodriguez lives with virtually no brain. He does not have the frontal lobes, and in general there is little in the skull after a terrible car accident. But he is no different from other people ... when he in his hat.

There is also described a case of the 16th century, when dissected boy, who died 3 years after severe injuries of the skull. The autopsy found he had no brain. How did he live three years? Some scientists believe that there is a so-called "abdominal brain". Indeed, in the stomach and intestines of about 100 million nerve cells, much more than in the spinal cord, for example. As far as Rodriguez, the identity of its totally changed after he had removed more than 60% of the brain, has not changed the memory and cognitive abilities. What was he thinking? To answer this question remains to be learned.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cancer is in genetics!!! Recent discovery from Egypt!!!

Recently scientists discovery in Egypt placed absolute minus on cancer=smoke.
They discovered body of ancient Egyptian over 2200 years old. He were sick and diagnosis was cancer. But how that could of be? 2200 years ago there were no tobacco or cars or any other known pollutants? More over turns out that this is not the first body found like that, with cancer as a primary cos of death in time way before Christianity was even a project.
Well after keep it quiet for over 2 years, and for that this study was performed in Portugal, scientist finally recognized, but not as they should, that cancer is not result of tobacco or anything environmental so far.
Source is click here for source

Friday, December 30, 2011

Tobacco vs marijuana , governments are for... You guess it -- marijuana

Lets look at statistics we gathered in the last 3 years.
Use of tobacco slows down by 7% a year in average. At least 5 millions quits.
Some of the tobacco manufacturing facilities are out or almost out of business.
Government is proud of this achievement.
Why the hell this does not make me happy? Because I am smokers with over 40 years behind or because I know about other statistics.
Use of marijuana grow in the same 3 years by incredible amounts. Over 15 millions people now users. Compare it to 2,5 just 3 years ago. And our government doing more to push people to this road.
I wonder why on earth it (US government) making sure that people quit using tobacco and legalizing use of more dangerous and addictive drugs?
Are we all under control of marijuana mafia or some kind of drug cartel from Mexico?
Look at the statistics and start asking questions.
Why occupy Wall street appeared right after that statistical research was put on the table of current administration and why nobody bothered to ask what the hell is going on? What is the point of that movement if they do not have clear objective? Could it be simple solution to let steam out under controlled conditions before someone actually flash the light on our government?
Marijuana is well know to put people in state of euphoria and lose connection to the real world. Could that be a point for government?
Tobacco on the other hand in old days known as a part of the war time ration for soldiers along with 3-4 ounces(100 metric grams) of alcohol. Anybody care to ask why tobacco and not a heroin, morphine, cocaine or marijuana?
Here is another question for you to think about. States like Virginia, Caroline and Georgia have big stakes in tobacco manufacturing and huge part of the incomes there comes from it. What will happen with all those people? All their life they grow tobacco or worked on tobacco manufacturing facilities. Where will they go?
If you have answers for those question feel free to post here as your comments.