Friday, June 15, 2012

How MTA will raise fare this time...

Ok boys and girls.
Do you know what season this is?
Yes you do, time to re-visit fare for subways. MTA already done with bridges and tunnels this year. Now it is our turn to shake pocketbooks.
How this raise will be performed.
Simple really.
Most of us already see overcrowded subway cars, unexplained delays at the rush hours, especially on the way back home.
In a few weeks MTA will announce that because of the shortage in their funds they will have to raise fares or face compete shut down of the system.
We all really know that it is not a shortage of funds the issue: it is their greed and financial irresponsibility.
How could the huge company runs year after year with budget deficit and all their management getting yearly/quarterly benefits?
Are we live in communist ruled country?

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