Friday, December 30, 2011

Tobacco vs marijuana , governments are for... You guess it -- marijuana

Lets look at statistics we gathered in the last 3 years.
Use of tobacco slows down by 7% a year in average. At least 5 millions quits.
Some of the tobacco manufacturing facilities are out or almost out of business.
Government is proud of this achievement.
Why the hell this does not make me happy? Because I am smokers with over 40 years behind or because I know about other statistics.
Use of marijuana grow in the same 3 years by incredible amounts. Over 15 millions people now users. Compare it to 2,5 just 3 years ago. And our government doing more to push people to this road.
I wonder why on earth it (US government) making sure that people quit using tobacco and legalizing use of more dangerous and addictive drugs?
Are we all under control of marijuana mafia or some kind of drug cartel from Mexico?
Look at the statistics and start asking questions.
Why occupy Wall street appeared right after that statistical research was put on the table of current administration and why nobody bothered to ask what the hell is going on? What is the point of that movement if they do not have clear objective? Could it be simple solution to let steam out under controlled conditions before someone actually flash the light on our government?
Marijuana is well know to put people in state of euphoria and lose connection to the real world. Could that be a point for government?
Tobacco on the other hand in old days known as a part of the war time ration for soldiers along with 3-4 ounces(100 metric grams) of alcohol. Anybody care to ask why tobacco and not a heroin, morphine, cocaine or marijuana?
Here is another question for you to think about. States like Virginia, Caroline and Georgia have big stakes in tobacco manufacturing and huge part of the incomes there comes from it. What will happen with all those people? All their life they grow tobacco or worked on tobacco manufacturing facilities. Where will they go?
If you have answers for those question feel free to post here as your comments.

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