Thursday, December 1, 2011

What is behind the noise about quit smoking?

This you can see all over places, TV, hear on radio and even some idiots start making song on that.
What is the truth about smoke and why government pushing this line?
Lets start with one biggest and most obvious: car pollution.
Since there is no actual working solution for poisons getting into people lungs from cars and other internal combustion engines, at least until we run out of oil, government and big fat jerks from oil companies invented escape goat -- tobacco!
Easy and almost ingenious solution.
People wenting air about second hand smoke, creating law for prohibiting smoke in public places etc  remain oblivious to biggest and most dangerous reason of failing nation health..

I just wondering: whom or what they going to blame after cars engines stop throwing thousand gallons of poisoned gases into air and into our lungs? Well we will not have to wait for very long, estimated oil reserves will be gone by 2030 and hopefully I will be around to see it..

But this is the only one of many reason for attacks on smokers and I will shed light on all of it -- one step at the time


  1. Well, it is difficult to argue against quit smoking idea.
    But honestly can not argue with idea that quit smoking is 100% cure for all health problems either.

  2. I thing All is almost right about big fat jerks.
    Really, how much money tobacco industry worth per year?
    Let's say 20 billions. And how long it will take for oil industry to make that much money? 2 weeks or 3?
    I do not know but what I do remember that one of the old scientist use to say that burning heating oil to warm houses is a criminal negligence, loot cheaper would be burn money. At least wood and cotton grow back, oil is not.