Monday, December 19, 2011

Inconvinient but true

Awhile ago small article has been posted on EPA website.
It went unnoticed by public and there is a good reason for it.
Who in their right mind knows what EPA stands for and what it does.
Actually we all should.
EPA is abbreviation for Environmental Protection Agency, government agency which exists to protect us from poisoning ourselves by polluting environment.
And in most cases it serve to cover government a@#es in case if some whistle blowers start making too much noise about issue such as pollution in water we drink. Because there is always article published on the site of this agency related to any if not all environmental problem we have. Article I am talking about covering huge variety of poisonous materials found in Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.
Why this is important and why NYC mayor and assembly doing all what they can to cover it up or at least distract public attention?
Let see.
Water from that canal getting into East river and from there into area where fish lives.
Where do you think fresh fish to Manhattan fish market comes from?
Concentration of lead, mercury, sulfates in water from Gowanus is over 100 times more then "acceptable" limits are.
What does EPA and NYC assembly do to protect us?
They ban smoking on public places such as beaches and parks.
I am so happy that they care about our health and well being that I am not going to vote until Bloomberg in power.
They not just wasting our hard earned money which they got as a taxes from our packets, they intentionally endanger our lives by pretending that they care and posting fake health barrier while real health hazard getting into water and on our tables.

BLOMBERG and all his foxes has to GO AWAY.
Honest man would resigned his post after all he did in last 2 years!!!

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