Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who does MTA working for?

When MTA was created idea was that one hand will drive this company to a single goal -- increase and improved service for all people who lives and work in NYC, even this creation went against anti monopoly law of the USA--most of us cheered because we were tired of all those nonsenses we had to face on our daily life's with jumping between buses and subways.
Did it help? I do not think so.
Let see.

#1.Price wise we jumped from$1.25 to $2.50 in less then 10 years.
     How much did your salary grow in the same period of time?

#2. Service improvement-- what exactly is that? I do not see any. Instead I had to wait at least 3 times longer on subway stop for the next train when I missed my regular one. On top of that we got new and "improved" cars, but for some reason nobody mentioned that those things smaller then original by at least 15%.
What do I mean-- original car manufactured back in 1999 had capacity of 170+ people per car with room to spare. New R2 model can accommodate at best 130,  if you do not mind crowd standing so tight that there is no room for sheet of paper to squeeze between 2 people.

 #3. MTA invented new terms of bus service--LIMITED.
What exactly does that means for us? Well, drivers not obligated to stop on the bus stops when they do not feel like it. Even if stop marked for "LIMITED" service. I do not want to put any racial content in here but if you look in some of those "LIMITED" lines you will see following.
In area where population mostly white (Jewish, Russian, Asian etc) "LIMITED" service is really limited to one bus stop per 10-15 street blocks, while in areas populated by black and Spanish speaking--every 2-3 blocks. I wonder why...
Examples-- take a look at B6 or B82 bus lines.
Between Bay 38 street and E38 street  B82 LIMITED have 10 official stops, while on Flatland Ave between E38 and E103 streets(same distance) it has stops on every third street block. More over south of Bay 38 and after 103 street it performing local service(bus stop on every block!) to the end of the route along with regular B82!!! And if the drivers see single person on the bus stop there -- they stop to pick that person. Why it is different in between those two areas? Could it be because white people do not shoot at passing buses?
Same goes for B6 LIMITED.
Also both B6 and B82 makes really weird loop around shopping mall to accommodate shopping needs of local african-american and spanish speaking population in area of E101 street.

Lets do small analysis of how MTA concern for safety of the passengers in that context.
As we all aware by now terrorists will strike where chances for their failure is minimal.
Soft target, as it is called, mostly big crowd unprotected by police or any other security means -- for terrorist like honey for the bees.
Airports protected by internal security as well as police which makes terrorist attacks there less likely.
Subways stations with long platform not as attractive as a subway cars, but random police checkpoints presence in the stations increased chances for failure of terrorist attacks as well. Now introduction of the new smaller cars and decrease in subway service does open up new possibilities for dumb jerk with 5 pound of home made explosive striped to his chest.

Stand the reason another question: why does MTA creates those big crowds intentionally by introduction of the "LIMITED" bus services. And for some reason only in area where terrorist attacks had more chances any way. No police coverage and huge concentration of none-Muslim, Jewish people in the crowd waiting for the next bus. What could be more attractive?

I am publishing this article for everyone to see and when someone blow up bus stop or subway car I want to be sure that MTA well aware of it.
I will personally hold MTA responsible and bring to court cases for the families of people injured there. 

Link to this article will be sent to MTA as of 2/1/2011 as a warning.

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