Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Open letter to WHO of UN

Hello employees of WHO,
I am wondering why is that you attacking all tobacco smokers and keep ignoring biggest smoke producers in the world -- cars?

How much does oil industry paying to you to keep you silent on that issue.
Or it simple that you can not do calculation on how much more smoke (and much more dangerous poisons, if you would like to know) comes out of single tale-pipe of the gas burning car in a minute then from couple hundred smokers per hour?
Why are you silent about health effects of pollutions from cars and any other internal combustion engines?

Do you know how many people has die because of the health effects of the breathing those poisons compare by tobacco smoking?

Single car poisoning hundreds if not thousands around him while driving and you say nothing about that.

Why do you scream about single smokers who, you not even sure, have any effect on couple people close to him?

Stop wasting taxpayers money on false issues which is used by FAT CATS from oil companies to mask real problems.

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  1. Are you nuts or just simple?
    Do you really expect to get any response to your postings?

    I can assure you that within few days your blogs will be buried as a junk and nobody will ever hear about it ...