Monday, February 7, 2011

What does WHO has to say about second-hand smoking and why report got buried?

According to a WHO report of 1999 there was no evidence that second-hand smoking killed. It showed , interestingly, that children, who grew up with smoking parent(s) had a less risk of getting lung cancer, and as a second result they ususally do not smoked!!!

What happened to this report? Who buried it?

When the anti-smokers realized enstrom & Kabat's upcoming results they stopped funding it and buried it!
Small historical data: Hitler was an extreme anti-smoker;
apparently he got beaten by chain-smoking FDR, Stalin & cigar-hero Churchill.
Pick your favorite of the 4-some and vote here...

P.S. For those who does not know what WHO is.
WHO is a small organization within UN (United Nation) and stand for World Health Organization.

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