Wednesday, March 14, 2012 dead or just to much to handle?

Hey as most of the developers I know about what use to be a great resource for answers and to share your knowledge
Pay attention: use to be.
There is apparently new rules there, if you ask a question and either nobody know answer or just nobody else searching how to resolve the same or similar problem you got banned to post your question or even create new profile. Does not matter how good your reputation was there before!!!
You can earn black mark for something which this site actually originally build and respected for.
For example my profile was banned just because I asked if anyone know how to resolve problem on Counterpoint. Not to many people does even knows what the hell Counterpoint is, so I did expect that those who does can help me in something what used to be a collection of best computer geeks in the world.
So be aware and do not ask questions there if you not sure that there is someone knows answer or at least have similar problem and searching for answers.


  1. Stackoverflow is DEAD. All the humble and knowledgeable programmers that were there to help have left...

    Here is a problem with SO right now:

    Point system -
    People assume those with higher points are "better" than people with lower points. In turn, when a person with lower points asks a question, usually a person with higher points will add a disrespectful comment or two.

    Users ganging up to bully other users of less points-
    This happens quite often with the victim getting suspended for defending themselves. Especially within the programming chatrooms where high egos flourish.

    "Im not doing your homework"-
    If the question is about a basic function or method, even if you want a yes or no answer or explanation (not code), and even if you provide the code you are currently working with so others can see what may be wrong, you get branded and have your question voted down.

    Quality question definition-
    There are many users with high points combing the posts voting down and/or voting to close questions just for the simple fact that they (the individual) don't understand it, instead of leaving the question to someone who may understand it.

    Overall, Stackoverflow has become a place for low-level programming students to flex their egos onto newer users. In turn, it has become a forum for others to rant and bully others who may not have learned as much of one particular topic or another. The site as become quite childish where the victims are punished and the perpetrators receive no penalty for their actions.

  2. The problem with anythig that is the conjoint work of lots of people is that humans make mistakes, and if there are lots of humans there will be lots of mistakes, even if everyone has the best intention. So the "better times" of SO didn't have better willed people but less people with the same general good will.

    Rage-quitting because you have been the victim of one of this mistakes is stupid. If, as you say, you were benned for the wrong reason then you simply have to contact a moderator or something and explain the mistake.

  3. I say good riddance to bad rubbish!