Thursday, March 1, 2012

Do we even need a brain?

Cheerful American named Carlos Rodriguez lives with virtually no brain. He does not have the frontal lobes, and in general there is little in the skull after a terrible car accident. But he is no different from other people ... when he in his hat.

There is also described a case of the 16th century, when dissected boy, who died 3 years after severe injuries of the skull. The autopsy found he had no brain. How did he live three years? Some scientists believe that there is a so-called "abdominal brain". Indeed, in the stomach and intestines of about 100 million nerve cells, much more than in the spinal cord, for example. As far as Rodriguez, the identity of its totally changed after he had removed more than 60% of the brain, has not changed the memory and cognitive abilities. What was he thinking? To answer this question remains to be learned.


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