Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another MTA fare hike on the horizon...

And again about MTA.
As you all aware MTA more or less recently increased the fare, by 25 cents:  quietly, without any discussion or public announcement.
But in last few weeks we again see same picture: slow trains, unexplained delays, especially during rush hours.
What is going on?
Be ready, we are about learn that fare hike on top of us again! How it will be done? Most likely same way, quietly and without any announcements or discussions. Chairman of MTA already making noise in Albany about shortage of funding and not getting enough from the city and state. I would like to know how agency servicing about 10 million people a day(income about $60 million a day!) can have shortage of funding.Not counting money from tunnels and bridges.
Is there IRS audit around to look at finances of that company? Where all those money goes to?
And 10 million is the lowest estimation of the number of people who uses MTA service in NYC every day.

All this make me thinking about financial responsibility.
Lets see.
I live and work in Brooklyn. Every week I am paying $5.5* 5=$27.5 just to get to work and back home.
However if I drive a car, Honda for example, with 45 mpg I would need about 3 gallons of gas per week!!!
In money amount, even with current price of the gas, it would be less than $11!!!
That is good incentive to switch from MTA subways to my own car. And if I get electric, I may even get some tax credits on top of the gas economy.

But from other hand I perfectly know that about 15% to 20% of oil production worldwide come from area controlled by IGIL(aka ISIS) which is well known terrorist organization. And money paid for that oil comes to support terrorism, right?
That would make anyone who pushes people to switch from public transportation to private cars - promoter, if not direct supporter, of terrorism.
But in this case we seen huge semi-private company, supported and controlled by NYS and Federal government doing all it can to push people away from public transportation.
And in terms it make me feel like MTA is the biggest supporter of terrorism in NY state!

p.s. one more thing. President of MTA making bit over $400.000 per year in salary alone plus bonuses.
I would like to know for what he is getting paid?

And bonuses for doing pretty bad job, don't you think this is ridiculous?

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