Friday, November 18, 2011

Weird but true or some statistics medics and insurances do not want you to know

According to 5 years study by insurance companies:
1. Smokers who lives and work in suburbs have 40% less health issies then comparable by age, race and gender none smokers living in cities.
2. Smokers from the same suburbans category developed at least 20-30% less lung and cardio-vascular sickneses then none smokers in city.
3. Among people with parkinson desease 65% has never smoke in their lives!
4. Number of MS among smokers in suburbans is negligeble by comparasin with none smoking city dwellers...

There are much more finding which will not be published for political reasons for now. Allmost all finding indicate that most of the health problems is not tobacco smoke related but enviromental.
More like thank you internal comastion engines!

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