Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rent increase for New Yorkers another gift from Bloomberg administration.

Every sprint we have fuel cost rises and as a result, allegedly, rent goes up.
Why we do not have rent decrease when fuels going down on fall or winter then?
As you may notice in recent years NYC lost lot of population because NYC resident can no longer afford renting apartment in NYC and people moving out to NJ and Long Island.
For example I make about $30 per hour before taxes and my salary did not changed since 2005 because of bad financial situation in NYC, not because I did not deserved a raise. That was clearly stated by company management.
City taxes, state taxes and sales taxes went up.
Cost of health insurance, products prices all went up by almost 100%.
Explain to me how on earth I will support my family when rent increased in the same time by over 20%.

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